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China Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

At CMG, we are experts at creating custom hydraulic cylinders for your needs. We manufacturing single acting, double acting, and welded rod cylinders are certified to the ISO TS16949 standard. We are also an approved supplier to many large OEM equipment manufacturers in the mobile industry.Our cylinders have been widely used in machinery industry,metallurgy industry,agricultural equipment,construction equipment,mining equipment,food industry,forestry equipment,trailers,excavators and other fields.

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Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing
Designing and producing bespoke hydraulic cylinders

CMG specialises in designing and producing bespoke hydraulic cylinders to meet customers specific requirements.

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Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Customization through innovation. Our purpose-built custom hydraulic cylinders are designed and manufactured for high-performance in demanding work environments and applications. Every detail counts, resulting in durable, long-lasting hydraulic cylinders matching your requirements.

CMG has excelled in building custom high quality hydraulic cylinders since 1991. Our experienced engineering team can take a proven design and build straight from it, or take your limited details and turn it into a cylinder drawing ready for approval to build from. High strength material is used to be sure the cylinder has quality in its bones. Our skilled team of machinists and welders then take the project through the build, with attention to precise tolerances and quality procedures. The final product is assembled and tested in a way that ensures that it is 100% ready for the application it was designed for. Final painting and preparation for shipping are done with care so it arrives at the job ready for work

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    1. Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinders

      CMG specializes in the manufacture of non-standard bespoke hydraulic cylinders, which can be customized according to drawings and samples, or you can call for consultation. We will select and draw for...

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